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Review of "Fly Cheap! Airfare Secrets Revealed"

"Did I Really Save Hundreds of Dollars on my Next Flight?" ...

Review by George Wilson

I travel a lot to the Canary Islands, more specifically to Fuerteventura, and I certainly don't like spending more money than I have to.

Like many of you, I assumed I could simply hunt around the web and find all the information on cheap flights that was available.

My assumption was wrong: I was getting very frustrated with the results I got ...

Even a simple search-query like "Best Time to Book A Flight?" didn't return a straight answer when I was googling around. I checked maybe a dozen specialized websites and got a dozen different answers.

I quickly discovered there's a huge swirl of confusion out there when it comes to finding good information on getting the best flight at the best price.

I decided I had enough from searching the internet!

I needed better and more reliable information on how to get cheap flights, so I bought some of the best books on the subject.

Some books where better than others, but I knew I had found gold when I opened "Fly Cheap! Airfare Secrets Revealed" by Stefan Vandevelde.

Just reading the table of contents already revealed plenty of value.

It became obvious why the author was able to pack so much valuable stuff in just 47 pages, especially considering that he's an actual airline pilot with tons of experience in the travel industry.

Right from the opening page, all the way to the end, I found plenty of useful tips.

To give you a quick example, ... I never realized there's a "best time of DAY" to book a flight. I now know there is. There's a detailed table inside the book that shows you exactly that. I found this priceless. It's one of the tools I ALWAYS use to get a cheap flight.


One thing that absolutely shocked me was my UNAWARENESS of a secret tool that saves money even AFTER purchasing a ticket! Yes, you read that right. Stefan shows you exactly how to get refunded the difference in price if the airlines drop their fares AFTER you buy your ticket!

I had never even dreamed you could do that, let alone suspected that there was a FREE service out there that lets you keep track of it!

After I found out about it, I started asking people when I was waiting around in airport lounges, and NOBODY had heard of this!

So why did Stefan write such an information packed book?

I already told you he's an airline pilot. Perhaps it's his way of "giving back" after so many years of service? To tell you the truth, I really don't know ...

But what I do know is that this book goes through the airline industry step by step, layer by layer, and shows you how to save hundreds of dollars on your next flight. This book uncovers everything. Now I know exactly what to do to save money, and how to do it.

Things I didn't like?

Yes, I do have to admit there were a couple of things I didn't like. Well, sort of ... The author states in the beginning that the chapters can be read out of order, like a reference book. For example, you could read chapter four first, then read chapter two, etc ... depending on which sections you are most interested in.

I started off that way, but I felt like I was missing out on a lot of information. I don't know, maybe it's the way I process information, but I think it's just much easier to read this book straight through, from beginning to end. That way, the whole scope and scale of things are easier to implement.

Another thing was that the book had 2 broken reference-links. Of course, any book that saves me tons of cash right off the bat is allowed to have a couple small mistakes, but I was pleasantly surprised to see both links were fixed right away after I emailed Stefan about this. I also received a newly revised copy almost instantly. Honestly, I didn't know that this kind of quality service still existed today.

My Conclusion ...

If you'd like to save a ton of cash on your next flight, and never worry again about paying too much, then I definitely recommend this book. It worked for me, and I am sure it will work for you too.

The great part about this book is that the wide variety of solid tips and ideas inside can be applied to plenty of different situations. No matter where you are, where you wanna go to, and what airline company you want to fly with, it's almost impossible NOT to save money.

The money you save will definitely pay for this book several times over! Even if you fly only once a year, or even once every two years, this book is worth the price. I am very glad I bought this book and I highly recommend you to get a copy as well.

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